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Supplements for Circulation - Natural Remedies that Work

Supplements for Circulation Improvements

The circulatory system is vital for transporting essential nutrients including oxygen to every parts of your body right to your finger tips and toes.

Indeed, people suffering from poor circulation often experience cold fingers, toes and even poor memory. Natural supplements can be very helpful in improving blood flow to various parts of the body, including the brain.

Read on to discover the top four natural remedies and supplements that are commonly used by herbalists to improve circulation.
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Four Popular Supplements for Circulation Improvements

#1 - Ginkgo Biloba for Circulation

Ginkgo is one of the most popular herbs used to treat poor circulation to the brain. Indeed in France and Germany, it is commonly suggested for leg cramps due to circulation problems.

One study done in France shows that 75% of the subject experienced improved circulation to the legs when they took ginkgo.

Ginkgo contains active ingredients that dilate blood vessels and reduce inflammation to help increase blood flow to areas with poor circulation.

#2 - Cayenne Pepper for Circulation

When you eat chilli, you immediately experience a warm feeling radiating throughout your entire body. This is a direct result of increased blood flow to many parts of your body, especially the skin.

The good thing about using cayenne pepper for circulation problems is that you can easily get it by including it in your diet.

#3 - Horse Chestnut for Circulation

The extracts from horse chestnut are used by people suffering from leg varicose veins and swelling. This is a condition called chronic venous insufficiency.

Some studies show that taking horse chestnut extract improved poor circulation to the legs and helped to increase walking distance before pain sets in.

Another study showed that it reduced pain and tiredness and itching in the legs.

#4 - Hawthorn for Circulation

Hawthorn is an herb that is commonly used by herbalists for treating high blood pressure and improving poor circulations to the hands and feet.

Indeed, some studies suggest that taking hawthorn after a heart attack seems to benefit the patients. It is also used to treat those suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF).

Looking for a complete list of herbs for circulation improvement?

See our detailed article Herbs for Circulation that provides a complete list of herbs and supplements as well as dose to use

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Created: December 10, 2010

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