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Supplements for Tinnitus - What Can I Use?

Recommended Supplements for Tinnitus Relief

There are no real prescription treatment options for this annoying problem. Many discriminating individuals are discovering effective natural remedies that works.

Below is a collection of articles on herbs and remedies that work to help treat the symptoms of ringing in the ears. The research studies showing that they are effective are included in the articles.

Supplements for Tinnitus Relief & Useful Dietary Tips

supplements for tinnitus Tips for Tinnitus - Helpful suggestions for tinnitus relief...

supplements for tinnitus Diet for Tinnitus - Foods to avoid and foods to eat...

supplements for tinnitus Pycnogenol for Tinnitus

supplements for tinnitus Ginkgo for Tinnitus

supplements for tinnitus CoQ10 for Tinnitus

supplements for tinnitus Zinc for Tinnitus

Other Helpful Remedies

Zinc - Take 30 mg of zinc. zinc deficiency seems to be associated with ringing in the ears and hearing problems.

Vitamin B12 - This vitamin is needed to promote nerve health.

B-Complex vitamin - Instead of just taking vitamin B12, consider a B-complex vitamin instead. This way, you get all the needed B vitamins in a single pill.

Garlic, horseradish and cayenne pepper - These "warming" herbs help to promote better circulation. Garlic and cayenne pepper are available in a tablet or capsule format.

Gotu kola - This herb helps to promote better circulation to the brain.

What causes tinnitus?

Currently, the exact cause of ringing in the ear is unknown. Experts suspect that it may be caused by one or more of the following:

Chronic use of ASA (Aspirin)

Exposure to loud noises or sounds

Poor circulation in the inner ear

Low zinc levels

Use of certain drugs (e.g. antibiotics)

Wax buildup in the outer ear

Food allergies or intolerance

Physical exhaustion and fatigue

Mental and/or physical stress

Effective remedy for Tinnitus

Of the many natural remedies for tinnitus available, TinnaRex is one of the more popular one used by discriminating individuals.

It improves circulation and encourages inner ear balance. To ensure maximum effectiveness, safety and the highest quality, it is formulated using the Full Spectrum Approach (FSA).

It can be safely taken with other natural remedies for enhanced benefits.

Moreover, it comes with high recommended by those who are currently using it for hearing problems.

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Created: July 3, 2011