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Tea Tree Oil For Foot Fungus - Does It Work?

Does using tea tree oil for foot fungus cures it?

Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is a very popular antiseptic liquid that is able to kill of fungus, bacteria and viruses. And many studies show that it works!

It is probably one of the most versatile liquid around for killing germs. Many people keep a bottle of it in their first-aid cabinet for ailments such as acne, cold sores, burns, cuts, scrapes and head lice.


Studies on tea tree oil for athlete's foot...

There are many clinical studies to show that using tea tree oil for yeast infections is effective.

One study showed that a 10% cream formulation was as effective as tolnaftate for getting rid of foot fungus. Tolnaftate is a common ingredient used in over-the-counter anti-fungal creams and powders.

A 50% strength of tea tree oil was shown to cure athlete's foot in just 4 weeks in another clinical study.

Many other studies also show similar benefits of tea tree oil for curing fungus infections on the foot and skin.

The cure rate is dependent on many factors. The three most important factors are:

  1. how extensive is the infection,
  2. how long the tea tree oil treatment is used for,
  3. how frequent is the solution applied, and
  4. the concentration of the tea tree oil solution used.

How to use tea tree oil for foot fungus - Recommendations

Make a 50% concentration tea tree oil by mixing with equal parts of either olive oil or aloe vera gel. Studies show that this is the best concentration while keeping irritation to an acceptable level.

Apply the solution to the area with a cotton swab (Q-Tip) or a cotton ball. Allow sufficient time for the solution to soak in completely. It may take 10 to 15 minutes. Apply two times daily for maximum benefit and the quickest cure.

The best time to apply this solution is right after showering and after the foot is dried gently with a paper towel. Avoid using towels to dry the foot so that you don't spread the infection around.

Depending on how much of the areas are affected, you may need to follow this treatment for at least 4 weeks. For those who suffer from recurrent athlete's foot, continue for 6 to 8 weeks.

Continue this treatment for 8 weeks even if the foot fungus appears to be gone. This will help to get rid of every little trace of fungus so that they will not come back again. (This is the same reason for finishing all your prescribed antibiotics even though it looks like you are cured of the infection.)


Side effects of tea tree oil?

Although safe to use, tea tree oil may cause local skin irritation when applied. This is especially true if it is applied to broken skin, a common situation for those suffering from athlete's foot.

The article Tea Tree Oil Side Effects reveal all the potential side effects to watch out for.

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Created: April 19, 2011


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