Tea Tree Oil for Wart Removal

How effective is tea tree oil for wart removal anyways?

Here's some background information on this all powerful antiseptic liquid. Studies done in animals and humans show that it has potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral activities.

It's anti-viral effect can be effective in helping you get rid of the warts since warts are viral infections of the skin cells.

How to use tea tree oil for wart removal

Undiluted tea tree oil can be applied directly to the warts several times a day three to four times daily is best).

There is the possibility of skin irritation at the full strength so always test on a small area first just to be sure. If there is irritation, you can dilute it with equal parts water or a gel such as aloe vera. (Start with a half and half dilution and increase the tea tree oil portion up to 3 part tea tree oil to 1 part water/gel).

You can cover the warts with a bandage after applying the tea tree oil to avoid rubbing the treated warts by accident. How long does it take to see results? How long it takes for the wart to disappear really depends on many factors. It will probably take several months depending on how deep and the size of the warts are. It will also depend on how strong your immune system is as well since it will support the wart removal process. You will also need to use tea tree oil on the wart on a daily basis. Applying tea tree oil several times a day can be a challenge in itself considering how busy our lives are.

What about using tea tree oil to treat genital warts?

Genital warts are a type of sexually transmitted disease that is contagious (you can spread it to and get it from your partner). It is best to get treatment from your family doctor or specialist. However, if the genital wart is not an open sore, you can safely apply a diluted tea tree oil solution (1 part tea tree oil to 1 part water/gel) to the warts twice daily.

Apply this solution until the genital warts goes away. Keep an eye out for skin irritation and stop using it if it happens and further dilute the solution first before using.

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    Revised: October 6, 2010