Tea Tree Oil for Warts

Thinking of using tea tree oil for warts removal? It might just work...
tea tree oil for wartsIf you have a wart on your hands or feet, you are probably wondering if there are any natural remedies that could help you get rid of it. The cryosurgery (using “freezing”) that is performed by your doctor hurts and is probably not your favorite first choice anyways. Tea tree oil might be one of the solutions! It is safe to use, easy to apply and most of all, it doesn't hurt!

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What do you think about using tea tree oil for warts removal?

Tea tree oil is a natural essential oil that works to kill the wart virus. Tea tree oil is traditionally used for its ability to kill off germs such as bacteria, fungus and viruses. Indeed, one study done in humans show that it can be used to kill off the wart virus in the hands of children.

There maybe one small drawback of using natural remedies such as tea tree oil to remove warts. It is usually slow and it will take some time for a complete cure.The good news is that there are clinical studies to show that tea tree oil actually works to get rid of warts.

How long does it take to work?

One study showed that you’ll have to apply the concentrated solution to the wart twice daily for 12 days for a complete cure. Other studies took several weeks to months before the warts were completely gone.

We don't expect it will be that quick for most people. It takes time for the wart to fall off as the skin grows under it. Realistically, it will take several months depending on how large the wart is.
You’ll need to be extremely patient. The truth is most people usually don’t do much about the warts for months and often for years anyways. So what’s another couple of months to get rid of it?

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Created: November 6, 2010