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Tea Tree Oil for Zits - Does It Work?

Does using tea tree oil for zits really help?

Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is well known for its ability to kill off bacteria, viruses and fungus. Because of its potency, it is been used to treat a variety of skin problems including acne, cuts, burns, scrapes, yeast infections and foot fungus.

The article Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil talks all about its many uses so we won't discuss them here further.

Read on to learn about acne and tea tree oil...


Studies on tea tree oil for acne conditions

There are several clinical studies to show that tea tree oil solutions and gels are effective for treating acne. Many of them show that they are as effective as using over-the-counter non-prescription acne medications.

One study showed that it is just slightly less effective than medications containing benzyl peroxide. But, the study reported the big advantage that using tea tree oil for acne caused a lot less irritation of the skin.

Since acne is a bacterial infection that leads to inflammation, the last thing you want is to further irritate the skin with the product you are using.

Tea tree oil acne products are a better choice indeed because of the lower risk of side effects like skin irritation. Of course, higher concentrations can be used but expect slightly more skin irritation.


Recommendations - How to make and use tea tree oil for zits

Do not apply 100% pure tea tree oil directly to the acne areas. This can cause significant irritation.

The clinical trials used a 5% tea tree oil gel formulation and this is the recommended concentration to start with.

To make a 5% gel formulation, mix 5 part of tea tree oil with 95 parts of aloe vera gel. A water based solution can be made by simply using water instead of aloe vera. Mix 5 mL of concentrated tea tree oil with 95 mL of distilled or purified water.

The choice of using aloe vera gel or a water-based solution depends on your preference.

This gel (or solution) can be applied to the affected acne areas twice daily after you clean your face with a gentle facial cleanser.

See How to Make Tea Tree Oil for Acne Treatment to get a dilution chart for the various ingredients.

Always test the gel on one small area of your face overnight first before applying to all the acne areas. If you have sensitive skin and develop a rash, use a 2.5% concentration tea tree oil formulation instead.

A 2.5% tea tree oil formulation can be made by mixing 2.5 mL of tea tree oil with 97.5 mL of aloe vera gel (or water).

Bottom line

Thinking of using tea tree oil for zits?

It works.

Tea tree oil is one of the more effective natural remedies for acne.


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Created: April 24, 2011

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