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Tea Tree Oil Side Effects

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What are some tea tree oil side effects to be aware of?

No doubt, tea tree oil is an effective disinfectant as it is known to kill bacteria, yeast (fungus) and viruses. Most people use tea tree oil on the skin to help treat various types of infections. It is very important to be aware of the possible side effects of using tea tree oil.

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Tea Tree Oil Side Effects

The most commonly reported side effects from using it on the skin are:

  • allergic reactions
  • burning sensation
  • dryness
  • eczema
  • itching
  • skin irritation
  • skin redness

The above side effects are most noticeable when concentrated (undiluted) tea tree oil is used on the skin. This is especially true when used on thin sensitive skin area such as on the face. Mouth rinse made with tea tree oil must be diluted before use. Avoid swallowing the mouth rinse. Use the highest concentration of tea tree oil that does not cause any skin irritation. See our full review on tea tree oil dosage for dilution tips and recommendations.

Toxicity and Dangers

Never take concentrated tea tree oil (or any other essential oils) by mouth. It is poisonous and can cause serious side effects and possible death. There is one report of a person going into coma by taking 120 mL of tea tree oil. Even taking 10 mL or less can cause serious nervous system problems such as drowsiness, movement problems, bad breath, breathing difficulties and coma. Children are especially sensitive to the toxic effects. Handle tea tree oil liquid as you would a poisonous chemical and keep it completely out of reach of children. Use of tea tree oil must be supervised by an adult. Any oral use of tea tree oil should be supervised by a healthcare professional experienced in using tea tree oil. Return to the FULL Review on the Benefits of Tea Tree Oil Comments and Success Stories to share with others? Leave your ideas, thoughts and comments here in our User Forum!

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Created: May 16, 2010