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Toothaches Remedies - Pharmacist Reveals All the Options Toothaches Remedies - Pharmacist Reveals All the Options

Toothaches Remedies - Pharmacist Reveals All the Options

Toothaches Remedies - Home, Natural Remedies and Non-prescription Choices, Oh My!

There are three main groups of self-help remedies for managing toothache pain. Many of them can be highly effective in giving you relief from pain and discomfort.

Home Remedies

There are many home remedies that can be effective. These including using tea bags (a very popular choice), salt water or baking soda mouth rinse and cucumber slices on the affected tooth.

Others include applying vanilla extract or iodine on the cracked or infected tooth.

See the article Home Remedy for Toothache for complete details.

Natural Remedies

In this category, we find three of the most popular herbs and natural remedies that are often used. The top three would be clove oil, willow bark and chamomile.

There are anecdotal reports that oil of oregano and ginger can be quite helpful in some people as well.

See the article Toothache Pain Relief for complete details along with directions and warnings.

Non-prescription Medications

This category of medications includes Anbesol and Orajel. (These two popular products are commonly misspelled as Ambesol and Oragel.) These and many other similar products, contain anesthetic ingredients that numb the nerves. These items are sold all in pharmacies.

Realize that if you suffer from chronic toothache that it would be an excellent idea to make a visit to your dentist to have the tooth looked at.

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