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Type 2 Diabetes Risk and Whole Grain Foods

March 12, 2010
depression and heart diseaseIt is long known type 2 diabetes can be prevented by changing the types of foods you eat. Is it possible that simply switching to whole grain foods can help? A new study that looked at 39,765 men and 157,463 women suggests that the answer is yes.

The researchers completed the study and discovered the following facts:
  • People eating 5 or greater servings of white rice weekly had a 17 percent increased risk of getting diabetes (compared to those eating less than 1 serving per month).
  • People eating 2 or greater servings of brown rice weekly cut their risk of diabetes by 11 percent (compared to those eating less than 1 serving per month).
The researchers calculated that if you were to eat 50 grams daily of whole grains foods rather than white rice, you cut your risk of diabetes by 36%.

This is a significant finding and for those at risk of developing or have diabetes, this simple change can be very significant. Moreover, whole grains foods have a low glycemic index which can be extremely helpful in preventing blood sugar spikes. Find out the glycemic index of all kinds of foods in this easy-to-understand article.

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