Uses of Tea Tree Oil - The Top Five Uses

Uses of tea tree oil around the world

uses of tea tree oil health benefits

Tea tree oil is a very versatile essential oil that has very good antiseptic properties as shown in both animal and human research studies. It is shown to be able to kill off bacteria, viruses and fungus in lab, animals and human studies.

It is used traditionally for burns, wounds, cuts and scrape. Even today many people keep a bottle of this essential oil in the first-aid cabinet, just in case! This is one essential oil your family should have around the house! Here are the top five uses of tea tree oil...

Acne Studies show that tea tree oil is effective for curing acne on the face. Indeed it is as effective as some over-the-counter acne medications. The advantage of using tea tree oil is that it has fewer side effects than most over-the-counter non-prescription acne medications. See the article Natural Remedies for Acne to discover natural solutions to help you get rid of your acne problems.

Warts Concentrated tea tree oil applied to warts can kill them off, but be warned. It could take up to 6 months for a complete cure (although one study showed that it only took 12 days to get rid of warts in children).

Natural remedies, although effective, do not work as fast as prescription medications. Much patience will be required as you will need to follow the treatment for quite some time.
As well, the article Natural Remedies for Warts provides you with a huge list of natural remedies that can help you get rid of warts.

Athlete’s Foot Tea tree oil can take care of fungus infection of the feet and skin. There might be more irritation and discomfort when using tea tree oil on the feet if there are extensive skin damage and cracks.

Yeast Infections Diluted tea tree oil is effective in curing thrush (yeast infections in the mouth) and on the skin. Tea tree oil can be used as a douche in the vagina if diluted properly. This article Tea Tree Oil Dosage provides very clear directions on how to do this.

Just remember never to swallow tea tree oil. Essential oils are highly toxic if ingested.

As well, the article Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection gives you a list of many other natural supplements that can cure candida yeast infections.

Head Lice and ScabiesThere is evidence that applying diluted tea tree oil on the skin for 3 hours can kill off the scabies mites. Some people use it to prevent and treat head lice and some research studies show that it works.

What more information on tea tree oil?See our article on Tea Tree Oil Dosage to get complete information on how to dilute tea tree oil properly and the dosage to use for the above mentioned health conditions.
Keep in mind that there are some side effects of tea tree oil, although the most common one reported is skin irritation.

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