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Uterine Fibroid Diet

What are some foods that I should eat and avoid for the uterine fibroid diet?

Below is a list of foods choices that may shrink or at least stop the growth of uterine fibroids. Many of the foods can help to support liver detoxification and reduce the levels of estrogen in the body.

If possible, choose organic foods to reduce the risk of taking in any pesticides and hormones (xenoestrogens) that could increase the estrogen levels in the body.

Research studies seem to suggest that xenoestrogens could be involved in causing uterine fibroids and some types of cancer growth.

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Foods to Eat More Of...

  • When possible, choose organic foods instead. This will help reduce environmental estrogens (xenoestrogens) from all the chemicals sprayed on the plants to control pests and hormones use to speed up the growth of the food sources.

  • Include more food such as fruits and vegetables and whole grains. These foods are a rich source of fibre and will help the body get rid of excess estrogen.

  • Choose broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts (cruciferous vegetables that have indole-3-carbinol) as they can help the liver get rid of the excess estrogens found in the body.

  • Eat beets, carrots, onions, garlic and artichokes as they can help the liver detoxify the blood.

  • Green tea contains many beneficial chemicals such as polyphenols that can counteract the effects of estrogen. There is evidence that these chemicals can be helpful in preventing cancers.

  • Some foods contain phytoestrogens that can stabilize the estrogen levels in the body. These include soy and flaxseed.

  • If you suffer from heavy bleeding, you may need iron supplements. Vitamin K will promote blood clotting. It can be found in green vegetables.

  • Drink sufficient water to prevent dehydration and help the body flush out toxins.

Foods to Avoid...

  • Avoid red meat and dairy products if possible. They may contain high levels of a toxin called dioxins which has estrogen-like effects. This chemical (and several others) can stimulate fibroid growth and make the symptoms worse.

  • Cut back on sugar, caffeine and alcohol consumption. These substances may cause inflammation and promote pain.

  • Avoid refined sugar, canned, preserved and processed foods as they can weaken your immune system making it hard for you to fight off this health condition.

In summary, following a uterine fibroid diet involves choosing organic foods and eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting back on sugar, caffeine and alcohol and eliminating processed or canned food products.

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