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Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention

September 1, 2010

What is the link between Vitamin D and Cancer?

Through recent and past scientific studies, it is now known that this essential "sunshine vitamin" affects over 200 genes in the DNA of our cells. This means that a deficiency can have serious health consequences.

Indeed, many of these genes regulate the immune system and plays a role in regulating cell growth. A lack of vitamin D means that these genes are not properly regulated and this can lead to many diseases.

Vitamin D binds to hundreds of specific locations on the DNA according to recent research studies. These binding sites seem to concentrate in areas of the gene that play a role in disease such as diabetes, cancer and MS.

There is very strong scientific evidence that a deficiency in vitamin D can significantly increase the risk of cancer.

How to get vitamin D

While the body make vitamin D on the skin when it is exposed to sunlight (and that is why it is often referred to as the "sunshine vitamin", this method may not be the best method of giving your body a health dose of vitamin D.

Firstly, too much sun exposure on the skin increases the risk of getting skin cancer. Secondly, you can never be sure exactly how much sun exposure is needed since it depends on where you live and the weather conditions. Thirdly, we are spending much more time indoors compared to the past.

You can also get vitamin D from food sources such as fish liver oil, salmon, mackerel and herring and eggs.

Vitamin D supplement is the most reliable way to ensure you get the amount your body needs.

What is your recommendation?

To avoid deficiency in vitamin D, take 1,000 IU daily. This is higher than the RDA set by the experts but it is a very safe dosage to use for adults. See the full review on Vitamin D to get detailed information on the health benefits of this essential vitamin.

Want the COMPLETE details on Vitamin D?

See our full review on Vitamin D to get comprehensive information to discover all the health benefits.

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