Vitamin D for Diabetes - Does It REALLY Work?

Vitamin D has been known to be responsible for regulating many functions in the body.

Now, a new study seems to show that taking vitamin D may help to protect the pancreas in people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. The pancreas is the organ that is responsible for making insulin (and digestive juices as well).

What the researchers did was to select 92 adults who are at the pre-diabetes stage.

They were asked to either take 400 mg calcium twice daily, 2,000 IU vitamin daily, both of them or a matching placebo pill. The researchers than examined their pancreas to see how they are doing in terms of insulin production.

Read on to find out the results from this one study...

Research Studies on Vitamin D for Diabetes Prevention

We have included the reference to this study if you wanted to look up the original paper:

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Here's what they found from this 4 month study:

There is a 26% improvement in the ability of the pancreas to make insulin with the vitamin D supplement.

Those who took the placebo drink had a decline of 14% in their pancreatic functions.

The calcium supplement did not have any effect on improving the function of the pancreas.

The fact is that the beta cells found in the pancreas are responsible for making insulin for the body. As diabetes sets in, the beta cell's ability to make insulin declines.

Many prescription antidiabetic drugs work by stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin; and since vitamin D promotes better pancreatic function, all the better.

In the end, when beta cells are no longer capable of making insulin, the diabetic person will be required to use insulin injections.

This is just one study, it is well established that vitamin D serves many critical functions in our body. Now, it is shown, in this small study, that it may be helpful in preserving the beta cells in the pancreas.

Bottom Line

Thinking of taking vitamin D for diabetes prevention?

Go for it!

What's there not to like about taking vitamin D supplement? It's also very cheap too.

It seems to keep the beta cells in the pancreas working longer and better. Moreover, you will get all the benefits from vitamin D for the rest of your body as well. However, we could on having a big drop in your blood sugar levels from just vitamin D alone. Other remedies and lifestyle changes will also need to be considered.

A larger and more extensive study is being planned to be carried to get a better insight into the benefits of taking vitamin D for diabetes prevention.

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