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Vitamin E for PMS - Does It Really Help?

Thinking of Using Vitamin E for PMS Symptoms?

vitamin e for pmsPremenstrual syndrome, commonly known as PMS, is a repeating pattern of emotional and physical changes that happens in some women just before menstruation.

These annoying and sometimes debilitating symptoms include anxiety, bloating, depression, fatigue, abdominal swelling, fluid retention, headaches, insomnia, fluid retention and weight gain.

The exact cause of PMS is not known but is strongly suspected to be due to hormonal changes that happen during the menstrual periods.

Many intelligent individuals are discovering the benefits of using natural and herbal remedies to treat common ailments such as PMS. Prescription medications can be reserved as a second choice.

Read on to find out how vitamin E might just work to reduce those annoying PMS symptoms...

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Vitamin E for PMS - How Does It Work?

Vitamin E is commonly recommended and included in supplements for treating PMS and menopause symptoms.

Clinical studies show that taking vitamin E seems to reduce anxiety and depression in women going through PMS.

Another study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine reported that taking vitamin E reduced headaches, irritability, breast soreness and increased concentration during premenstrual syndrome.

There is one study to suggest that low levels of this essential vitamin may be responsible for poor reproductive health as well. For example, low levels are linked to infertility in men and women.

Although researchers are not exactly certain how vitamin E works, they speculate that this vitamin plays an essential role in regulating and normalizing the female hormones during PMS.

Dose to Use

Dose: Take 400 IU daily of vitamin E. Higher dose may be safely used under the supervision of your healthcare professional.

You can also get vitamin E from foods rich in vitamin E such as brown rice, green leafy vegetables, nuts, oatmeal, seeds, wheat germ, avocados and soybeans.

Best Natural Remedy for Premenstrual Symptoms?

Femalite is an all natural combination remedy that contains three herbs that help with premenstrual symptoms such as bloating, cramps, mood swings and the feeling of the "blues".

It is formulated using the Full Spectrum Approach (FSA) to ensure maximum effectiveness, quality and safety. The company backs the product up with a 1 year money-back guarantee.

As well, it comes highly recommended by women who are currently using it to manage their PMS symptoms.

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Created: January 11, 2011

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