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Vitex Dose for Fertility Vitex Dose for Fertility

Vitex Dose for Fertility

by Danielle

What is the best vitex dose for fertility treatment?

Answer: Vitex or chasteberry is one of the popular herb used to boost fertility naturally. Studies done in female volunteers show that it is able to normalize the female hormones needed to enhance the chance of getting pregnant.

The answer to your question was found at Herbs to Increase Fertility.

In summary, the recommended dose is between 160 to 240 mg taken once daily until you conceive. This is the dosage range used in the infertility research studies.

Often, you will find that many natural remedies for pregnancy combine several herbs such as ginseng with vitex.

While taking vitex is very helpful, don't forget to include essential vitamins like vitamin C. It is wise to also take a prenatal multi-vitamin as well.

Following a healthy diet for fertility is also essential to ensure that your body is getting the optimal nutrition.

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