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General Recommendations

Treating and curing warts using natural home remedy takes significantly longer time than with standard therapy. Many of the herb work by stimulating the immune system to allow the body to get rid of them naturally.

How to get rid of them

  • Support your immune system by eating nutritious foods.
  • Avoid eating simple sugars as they might make your immune system less effective.
  • Take multivitamins to support your general health.
  • Get enough sleep. This will keep your immune system working at its best.
  • Natural remedies! See our detail list of natural remedies for warts in this informative article.

Genital warts are highly infectious and should be treated by your family doctor. When you are not experiencing a flare-up, you should take home remedies to support your immune system to prevent them from reappearing. Research studies show that keeping your immune system at peak performance reduces their appearance.

These are skin growths that can show up on fingers, hands, feet, toes, and genital areas. It is caused by the human papilloma virus, known as HPV. Experts have identified over 100 strains of the HPV that causes them. They do not usually cause pain or discomfort unless they are in a location where there is pressure placed on them (like on the bottom of the feet). They may disappear on their own while others may persist for years, even after multiple treatments. They can spread to other parts of the body. Research studies show that a person with an excellent immune system will be able to prevent them from returning and to prevent them from spreading. Genital warts (a sexually transmitted disease also known as STD, or venereal disease) can be highly contagious and can spread to the other partner during sexual intercourse. You can not easily get rid of genital warts. However, you prevent them from appearing. It is a condition that requires treatment by your family doctor. People of all ages can get them although it seems to happen more often in children and teenagers.

What are the types?

The table below summarizes the most common types.

Types Description
Common Usually found in almost any part of the body such as the fingers, hands, feet, toes, knees and#top scalp. These types are caused by HPV 1, 2, 4, 27 and 29.

They can spread to other areas if you bite or cut them. Even touching them may allow them to spread to another location.

You will usually experience no pain. They may go away without treatment in 2 to 4 years.
Plantar Appears on the sole of the feet. Because of the pressure placed on them, they grow into the skin rather than form a raised lump. These warts can be difficult to remove. These types are caused by HPV 1.

They do not usually spread to other parts of the body but may spread locally on the sole of the feet.

You will may experience pain, especially when you put pressure on them.
Genital Genital warts are classified as a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or venereal disease.#top They appear near the sex organs or the anal area (rectum). It is highly contagious and can spread to nearby areas and to the other partner during sexual intercourse. During the asymptomatic phase (when they do not appear), you are not contagious.

They are known to increase the risk of developing cervical and bladder cancer in women and cancer of the penis and rectum in men. Unfortunately, the use of condoms does not fully protect against getting them because of their location.

They can be very difficult to treat and you must seek help from your family doctor.

Other less common types include:
  • filiform - usually found on eyelids, face, neck or lips
  • flat - usually found on the face and along scratch marks
  • periungual warts - usually found around the nails

Diagram of a plantar wart

Duct tape cures it?!

Everyone is talking about it!Duct tape myth? - You will find many people talking about how putting duct tape on warts causes them to go away. There was a research report that was published by lead researcher D.R. Focht (Oct 2002) in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine that proves that it was more effective than using cryotherapy.

They suggested that one possible theory is that the duct tape causes the body's immune system to be stimulated to kill off the virus. The media caught on and reported the findings to the general public. So the world found out.

We went and look at more recent studies and discovered the unfortunatev truth.It does not work. These more current studies are better designed than the first so the results are more accurate. A well-designed double-blinded randomized controlled trial done by R. sWenner et al. (Mar 2007), showed that it does not work. Another study completed by M. de Haen et al. (Nov 2006) also showed that it does not work.BUT...

There is one important difference in the study done in 2002 and the more recent ones. The newer studies used the transparent type of duct tape, not the original gray coloured ones!

The adhesive chemical found in the original gray duct tape is different than the transparent one so it might have stimulated the immune system better. The original study done in 2002 used the gray duct tape. So now we aren't really sure... Why not give it a try anyways? But don't forget to use the gray duct tape only, not the transparent one!

If you would still like to try it for yourself (as there are no dangers in trying it), here are the recommended steps you can follow:

  • Apply the duct tape on them and keep it on for about 7 days.
  • Remove the duct tape and soak the areas and file them down with an emery board.
  • If the skin become soggy and red underneath, leave the duct tape off for several days. Basically take a break.

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