What causes skin tags?

What are skin tags?

what causes skin tags and looks likewhat causes skin tags and how they look like

Acrochordon, commonly known as a skin tag or cutaneous skin tag is a harmless benign tumour that can be found in the armpit, neck, face, nose, eyelids and upper chest area. Often, they are found in skin folds and creases.

They are painless, although often, they can be easily irritated by clothes that rub on them or while shaving.

They are skin-coloured and most of them are about the size of a grain of rice. They do not change colour or shape over time. A skin tag can be found by itself or in a group (see images above). Large amounts of them can create a cosmetic problem and can be unsightly.

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What causes skin tags?

No one knows exactly what causes skin tags. Evidence suggests that they can form when skin rub up against skin. This comes from observations that skin tags often appear in folds of skin. However, there are growing evidence from population studies and other research that skin tags are more likely to be found in people who suffer from diabetes or being overweight. It also has been associated with polycystic ovary syndrome (POS or PCOS). As well, there is evidence to suggest that people with Rabson-Mendenhall syndrome (rare disorder in children involving a defective insulin receptor gene) and the human papillomavirus (HPV) may be involved in causing skin tags.

In one study, the authors of the research paper suggested that multiple skin tags should raise suspicion of insulin resistance (a pre-diabetic condition) in the person.

How to remove skin tags using natural and home remedies

Removing skin tags is strictly for cosmetic reasons as they do not present any danger. Several methods are available for their removal but it is important to first get them looked at by a physician. The reason? You want to make sure that it is not some other more serious skin problems. Find out what natural remedies can be used to get rid of skin tags.

Some people are interested in cutting off skin tags with a knife or scissor. It is effective but the thought of pain will stop many from trying this effective method.

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