What is the Best Form of CoQ10?

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Find out what is the best form of CoQ10 to take and why it is so...

Did you know that coenzyme Q10 (CoQ1) exists in three different states?

It exists as the fully oxidized state (ubiquinone), the partially reduced state (ubisemiquinone) and the fully reduced state (ubiquinol).


The body uses CoQ10 in the generation of energy for cells and for its antioxidant benefits by allow electrons to exchange. This causes CoQ10 to shift between the ubiquinol and ubiquinone form.

That's the technical detail for you.

Below, find out the scientific reasons why ubiquinol is a better form to take compared to ubiquinone...

Why Ubiquinol is Better than Ubiquinone Coenzyme Q10

Clinical data have shown that the best form of CoQ10 supplement to take is actually ubiquinol. Here's what researchers have discovered:

Absorption. The body is able to absorb ubiquinol much better than ubiquinone. Indeed, studies suggest that it is about eight times easier for the body to take in ubiquinol.

Duration of Activity. Studies seem to show that by taking ubiquinol, the CoQ10 levels in the system stay higher for a longer period of time.

Reliability of Absorption. Some studies show that the absorption of ubiquinone CoQ10 varies depending on the health status of an individual. Those who have serious health conditions don't seem to absorb ubiquinone CoQ10 as well.

Higher Potency. Animal studies show that ubiquinol is more effective at reducing fatigue. Moreover, it seems to be about 40% better at slow the aging process measurements in mice given ubiquinol instead of ubiquinone.

With all these scientific data, it makes logical sense to choose ubiquinol over ubiquinone CoQ10.

When buying CoQ10 supplements, look at the label and see which form of CoQ10 you are getting and stick with ubiquinol.

Ultimately the best coq10 supplement will use only ubiquinol and that is the form that many educated individuals are finding out about today.

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