What is the Best Herbal Sleep Remedy? Get the Truth

best natural remedy for sleep

Discover what is the best herbal sleep remedy on the market and find out why it works

The ability to get a restful night of sleep is essential to your health and well-being.

Studies show that most people need about seven hours of sleep, yet people suffering from chronic insomnia do not get that.

Stress, excessive caffeine intake, use of alcohol and shift work are examples of known causes.

But for many people, these are not the factors at all.

Melatrol was formulated to help with insomnia caused by a wide variety of causes.

Let's look into why Melatrol has become a popular choice of discriminating individuals looking for an effective solution to insomnia...

Why Melatrol Works and Why People Choose It

The body makes a natural hormone called melatonin that helps to regulate the natural sleeping cycle (circadian rhythm).

In some people, the body does not make enough of it and this will prevent a person from going into a deep peaceful sleep.

Melatrol will help with sleep disturbances as it supplies the body with the needed melatonin.

But that is not all that is found in Melatrol. Additional natural and synergistic ingredients are added to boost the effectiveness of Melatrol for promoting a restful sleep.

In answering the question "what is the best herbal sleep remedy", let's look at the five other natural ingredients included in Melatrol:

Passion Flower

This natural herb is traditionally used for reducing stress and anxiety. It also has been used to treat insomnia.

There are scientific studies to show that passion flower works to help promote sleep.


Even today, herbalists choose valerian for the treatment of sleep disorder. And its benefit for helping with sleeplessness is support by clinical studies as well.

It works and many people around the world use it to help with sleep problems.


That's the chemical name but many people simply refer to it as 5-HTP. What is so special about 5-HTP? Have you heard of serotonin? It's a neurotransmitter the brain uses for communication between neurons (nerve cells).

Individuals suffering from depression don't have enough of it. And many anti-depressants boost the body's production of serotonin. Serotonin is also involved in the sleep/wake cycle as well.

Serotonin is made from 5-HTP. Supplying your body with 5-HTP ensures that the production of serotonin is not compromised.

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid

This is the name given to what is commonly called GABA. It's also a neurotransmitter the brain uses to inhibit anxiety and reduce stress.

Including it in Melatrol ensures maximum effectiveness in treating sleeping problems. It works to promote relaxation to help treat insomnia.

Rhodiola Rosea

This herbal extract helps the body cope with stress. Its official classification is an adaptogen, a substance that helps the body manage stress.

A wise individual can clearly see why these herbs and natural ingredients are included in formulating Melatrol. They all have been shown to be useful in helping a person with insomnia to fall and stay sleep.

Bottom Line

doctor holding melatrol bottle

An effective herbal sleep aid must include ingredients that are shown to work in scientific studies and Melatrol fits that criteria.

Its unique blend of effective herbs and supplements ensure that it works well and indeed this is what current users have reported.

Melatrol is made in the USA so you can be assured of its quality.

Find out how you can get a free bottle and get a good night sleep every night right now!

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