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Wife has a heart "squeak or tap." Wife has a heart "squeak or tap."

Wife has a heart "squeak or tap."

by ed
(spokane county, wa)

My wife has had for a few years what some have called a "heart squeak." How I describe it as when you have a pan turned over, and the faucet drips on it repeatedly.

Initially, it wasn't "much of an issue." However, in the last couple of years, things have gotten worse. The main, family doctor," gave a referral to see a heart specialist. The heart specialist said it was a lung issue. The lung specialist said it wasn't a lung, so now, we're back to the start, with another visit to the family doctor. So, I've begun searching online, for leads.

She sometimes has pain that shoots up and down her left side, usually starting at the back of the neck, going down to her waist. Most times it just fades, but a few times, it shoots back up. More and more, it becomes very debilitating for her, and puts her to tears, and I feel helpless.

She spends a lot of time resting/sleeping. Since about mid-July 2015, she has also been vomiting on a daily basis. Her throat's been very congested.

One other thing: her grandfather mom's dad had similar symptoms, years ago. He went in for heart surgery, and they found a hole. When they went in for the surgery, they found an even larger hole, that their equipment didn't find; this being in the 1970s, I think.

With doctors seeming to have no idea, I'm looking at alternative/holistic areas, for suggestions.

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